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Can IP Cameras Run Without Internet?

There is a very common question- “Can IP Cameras Run Without Internet?”. Some people that IP cameras can only work if they’re connected to the internet. But it’s totally a misconception. It’s a valid supposition to make since later each, IP does stand for internet protocol. Still, IP cameras can still work without an internet connection. Let’s learn how we can install an IP Cam without the internet and its limitations.

Setting Up IP Cameras Without Internet

As stated in our introductory IP CCTV systems companion, IP systems calculate on a connected network to do all of their data transmission. Still, this connected network doesn’t inescapably need to be the internet. However, you’ll see commodities called LAN and WAN, If you look on your router. LAN stands for original area network whereas WAN stands for wide area network. The difference between these 2 networks is that LAN is confined to a lower area, like a structure or home, while WAN is everything outside of this area- so principally the entire internet.

An IP system setup without an internet connection will enough much look like a regular IP system with the internet. You would still be suitable to install an IP system using PoE and have the option of using or not using an NVR. The only difference is that all of your bias will be connected through the LAN but not the WAN. Still, remember that if you want to use IP cameras, you’ll still need a router that’s able of furnishing a LAN for your bias to connect to.


Keep in mind that employing IP cameras without internet association will mean that you’ll lose the advantage of remote viewing. While the IP network will be connected to each other through the LAN, they won’t be connected to the WAN so there will be no way to pierce the cameras through the internet. Still, you’ll still be suitable to store and view your footage on-point through the LAN.


We have tried to answer the question- “Can IP Cameras Run Without Internet?” today in our article. We have stated the limitations. We also have stated the setting up process of the IP Cameras without internet. People have misconceptions that IP Cameras can’t work without an internet connection. But that’s not true actually. Check out our other interesting articles on lifestyle.

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