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ChatGPT’s technology might be integrated into Bing

There are rumors in the air that ChatGPT is teaming up with Bing. Microsoft’s Bing search engine might soon be able to better understand what its users want and give them more human-like results. The Information says that the tech giant wants to add the OpenAI software that powers ChatGPT to Bing in the hopes that it will help the company catch up to Google or maybe even beat it. Microsoft put $1 billion into OpenAI in 2019, and reports from more recently say that the company is in talks with the Elon Musk-founded startup about a second investment. Now, The Information says that Microsoft’s first investment came with a promise to add some GPT features to Bing.

GPT is a language model that employs deep learning to create human-like text answers. It released a tool called ChatGPT late last year, which immediately gained popularity because to its ability to deliver comments. It seemed like it’s coming from genuine people. Educators worried it may be used for cheating since some who tested it stated they’d give its replies a decent mark if a student claimed to have authored them. Right now, ChatGPT is free, but OpenAI plans to charge in the future.

At this point, it’s not clear what adding GPT would mean for Bing. Microsoft will still utilize its own search engine technology since it can’t scrape the web. However, The Information suggested it might help Bing show results more accurately. Microsoft might leverage Bing’s technology to offer search results as complete sentence responses with the source. GPT might explain Bing’s connected questions if they’re relevant. The technology could also help Bing give users better suggestions for keywords or key phrases.

The Information says that Microsoft could launch GPT integration as soon as March of this year. If this is true, we may hear confirmation of this report and more information soon.

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