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EU authorities want to “rigorously” examine Chinese passengers

European Union officials are “strongly” recommending that all member states make Chinese travelers take a COVID test. They need to take it before leaving country.

On Sunday, the “zero-Covid” policy will end, making it easier to get into and out of China.

Now, there are more Covid cases in China, and hospitals and crematoriums are full per reports.

Some EU nations have already started testing. They were told it wasn’t necessary because of the test results.

WHO says that China is lying about the deaths of Covids.
The EU’s Integrated Political Crisis Response group (IPCR), which has members from each of the EU’s 27 governments, suggested negative tests on Wednesday.

Also, the following are the given instructions:

Everyone wears a face mask on flights to and from China.
Flights from China should be tested at random, and airports should keep an eye on the water they use.

The EU’s governing body, the European Commission, said the day before that a “vast majority” of member states wanted restrictions on Chinese immigration.

France, Spain, and Italy have already started testing, but some countries, like Germany, are keeping an eye on the situation. Since England is not part of the EU, it will start requiring tests before every flight from China on Thursday. But each state can make its own policy.

Last Monday, the IPCR’s office for disease prevention stated obligatory Covid testing shouldn’t be mandatory.

The ECDC said that there was no need for testing because so many people in Europe get vaccines. It is also due to the variants from China were already in the European Union.

Despite an increase in cases, the WHO noted there are no new variations in China. But experts said that this could be because there weren’t enough tests and data.

WHO said China isn’t offering a real picture of how Covid is hurting the nation. As China have a “too limited” definition of a Covid fatality.

The fact that Beijing has only confirmed 22 deaths since December goes against what analysts have found.
According to Airfinity, China has more than 2 million Covid cases every day. Here Airfinity is a UK based science data company. There are also reports of about 14,700 deaths.

The Chinese government said earlier this week that it thinks restrictions on Chinese travelers are due to political reasons. Soon it may retaliate.

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