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Glass Animals’ ‘Hotness Waves’ dropped in 2020. It just hit No. 1

Following a record 59-week climb, Glass Animals have at last finished off the Billboard Hot 100 with their tune “Hotness Waves.” So how could they celebrate? All things considered, since they were on their visit transport when they got the news, their choices were restricted.

“We were all in the transport, and our bass player has the bunk above me. Furthermore, he yelled, “F**KING NO. 1!!” And that woke me up toward the beginning of the day,” frontman Dave Bayley, who composed and created “Hotness Waves,” tells Billboard.

“I leaped up… and we were in our underwear, and we gave each other an embrace. What’s more, we could barely handle it. That was the means by which we celebrated,” he proceeds. “And afterward we woke up the entire transport, and everybody had somewhat of an embrace in our night robe.”

Then, at that point, when the visit transport showed up in Portland, Oregon, Dave says, “I went to my cherished store, [which] has arrived. So… I got a bagel, and it was great. It was the best bagel I at any point had in my life.”

Dave says he’s additionally getting huge loads of congrats from everywhere. “I’m getting calls from individuals I haven’t addressed in years,” he uncovers. “What’s more, different craftsmen, my cherished specialists on the planet, individuals I’ve, as, turned upward to for a really long time, are sending messages in.”

Whenever “Hotness Waves” hit number one, it took out “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” the viral hit from Encanto, which had held the best position for a really long time. All in all, is Dave a fan?

“It’s an incredible film! Lin-Manuel Miranda is splendid, and I’m a major enthusiast of the film, a major aficionado of the tune,” Dave says. “The music in that film overall is splendid. However, uh, sorry Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

The independent gathering’s single “Hotness Waves” has hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, moving to the top during 59 weeks on the outline.

That broke Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” record of 35 weeks in December 2019, as per Billboard.

The British band is comprised of vocalist, musician, and maker Dave Bayley, alongside Drew MacFarlane, Joe Seaward and Ed Irwin-Singer.

“Heat Waves” is their best single up to this point and is included in their third studio collection,

“Fairyland,” which was delivered in June 2020.

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