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Green line Issue OnePlus Devices- Causes and Solution

OnePlus had encountered a problem known as the “green line issue” in some of its devices. This issue primarily affected the OnePlus 8 Pro and a few other models. It was characterized by a gradient appearing on the screen, often running vertically along the edge of the display. This problem was a source of concern for OnePlus users and enthusiasts. It affected the overall user experience and the device’s visual appeal.

Here, an in-depth explanation of the OnePlus green line issue, its possible causes, the company’s response, and steps users could take to address the problem.

The OnePlus Green Line Issue:

The green line issue gained attention in mid-2020 when 8 Pro users started reporting problems online and on social media. Users observed that a green light appeared on the display, usually on the left or right edge. In some cases, the line was faint and hardly noticeable, while in others, it was more pronounced and disruptive.

Possible Causes of the Greenline Issue:

The exact cause of the issue was not officially confirmed by OnePlus. However, several theories and potential causes were discussed within the tech community:

Display Hardware: Users speculated that the issue was probably related to the AMOLED display panel or it was integrated into the device.

Software Bug: Others suggested that it could be a software-related problem. With the possibility that a future software update could potentially fix the issue.

Manufacturing Defect: Certain batches of OnePlus 8 Pro devices might have been affected by a manufacturing defect. And it is causing the green line to appear.

OnePlus Response on this issue:

OnePlus acknowledged the issue and began investigating it as soon as reports started emerging. They issued a statement indicating their commitment to addressing the problem and ensuring the best user experience for their customers. OnePlus encouraged affected users to contact customer support for assistance. They also rolled out a series of software updates aimed at mitigating the issue.

User Solutions for the Greenline Issue:

Users affected by the green line issue explored various solutions to address the problem while awaiting official fixes from OnePlus:

Software Updates: OnePlus released multiple software updates in an attempt to address the greenline issue. Users were advised to keep their devices up-to-date with the latest firmware to see if the problem improved.

Factory Reset: Users attempted factory resets in the hope of resolving any software-related glitches that might be causing the problem.

RMA: For users who couldn’t resolve the issue through software updates or resets. OnePlus offered the option of returning the device for repair or replacement under warranty.

Third-Party Apps: A few third-party apps claimed to mitigate the greenline issue by adjusting the display’s color settings. However, using such apps wasn’t an official or recommended solution.

Community Response:

The OnePlus Greenline issue garnered significant attention within the OnePlus community and the wider tech community. Users shared their experiences, workarounds, and frustrations on various online forums and social media platforms. This collective effort helped raise awareness of the issue and put pressure on OnePlus to find a solution.

Resolving the Issue:

It’s important to note that my knowledge is based on information available up to September 2021. Since then, OnePlus may have released new software updates or taken additional actions to address the green line issue. If you’re experiencing this problem with your OnePlus device, I recommend the following steps:

Check for Updates: Ensure that your device’s software is up-to-date by checking for the latest updates in the settings menu. OnePlus may have released fixes for the issue in newer software versions.

Contact OnePlus Support: If the problem persists, reach out to OnePlus customer support for assistance. They can guide you through potential solutions or initiate a warranty claim if necessary.

Community Forums: Visit the OnePlus community forums to see if other users have found solutions for the green line issue.

Consider Warranty Options: If your device is still under warranty, explore the option of returning it for repair or replacement.

Monitor OnePlus Announcements: Keep an eye on OnePlus official announcements for updates regarding the green line issue.

Remember that hardware and software issues can vary. And not all OnePlus devices may be affected by the green line issue. It’s crucial to follow the official guidance from OnePlus and exercise caution when considering third-party solutions.

In conclusion, the OnePlus green line issue was a notable concern for some OnePlus device users. OnePlus acknowledged the problem and took steps to address it through software updates and warranty support.

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