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Hymn Vorderman shocks in shades as she appreciates delightful landscape

Ditty Vorderman has offered fans a smiley snap of her partaking in an outing to Wales.

The ex-Countdown moderator acted like she partook in the daylight on one of her #1 panoramic detours. She wore shades as she grinned into the camera.

The 61-year-old had her hair down and straight around her shoulders as she wore a sped up cushioned coat. She shared scenes of the water, blossoms and slopes overall around her.

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Subtitling the post on Instagram, she stated: “Shocking morning here #Wales. One of my #1 strolls. Gorse turning out in “full flavor. Back inside to get prepared for web recording with @lawrence_dallaglio…. Blissful days.”

She added: “Absolutely never need to leave here. Then, at that point, I ask myself ‘well for what valid reason do you leave?’…and it’s elusive a response to that tbh… Gee.”

Tune, who warmly alludes to the previous Countdown moderator as Whiters, possessed a pony with him, whom they hilariously called Mare of Wetwang.

Tune demands, addressing The Sun Racing yesterday, that Richard was the “greatest wild partier” around, and often concocted saucy monikers for these things.

She said that she and Richard, who passed on in 2005, had some good times when they went to Cheltenham.

Tune made sense of: “I love Cheltenham, it’s my outright #1.

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