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Russia utilized strong vacuum bomb on Ukraine, agent says

Russia utilized the strong vacuum bomb during its attack of Ukraine, Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s representative to the United States, told journalists on Monday night after a gathering with U.S. legislators.

A vacuum bomb, likewise called a thermobaric weapon, works by taking in oxygen to make strong, high-temperature blasts. Assuming utilized in a non military personnel setting, such an assault could establish an atrocity.

“They utilized the vacuum bomb today,” Markarova said.

The bomb obliterated a Ukrainian armed force base in the northeastern town of Okhtyrka, killing 70 troopers, Sumy district regulatory boss Dmytro Zhyvytskyy said on his Telegram station. Pictures from the scene showed the center third of a fundamental structure destroyed by the impact.

Okhtyrka Mayor Pavel Kuzmenko depicted the weapon utilized in the assault as a vacuum bomb.

Ukrainian media have conveyed onlooker video of the impact, which had a timestamp of 5:32 p.m. on Monday.

In Washington, the White House said it had not freely checked the occurrences.

“I don’t have any affirmation of that,” said White House representative Jen Psaki. “We have seen the reports. Assuming that were valid, it would possibly be an atrocity.”

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