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‘They’re misleading you’: Russian TV worker hinders news broadcast

A representative on Russia’s state Channel One TV has intruded on the channel’s primary news program with an unprecedented dissent against Vladimir Putin’s intrusion of Ukraine.

Marina Ovsyannikova, a proofreader at Channel One, burst on to the arrangement of the live transmission of the evening news on Monday evening, yelling: “Stop the conflict. No to war.”

She likewise held a sign saying: “Don’t trust the purposeful publicity. They’re deceiving you here.” It was endorsed in English: “Russians against the conflict.”

The reporter kept on perusing from her elevated monitor talking stronger trying to overwhelm Ovsyannikova, however her dissent should have been visible and heard for quite some time before the channel changed to a recorded fragment.

Ovsyannikova likewise delivered a pre-recorded video through the OVD-Info basic liberties bunch in which she communicated her disgrace at working for Channel One and spreading “Kremlin publicity.”

“Lamentably, for various years, I worked on Channel One and chipped away at Kremlin purposeful publicity, I am extremely embarrassed about this at the present time. Embarrassed that I was permitted to lie from the TV screen. Embarrassed that I permitted the zombification of the Russian public. We were quiet in 2014 when this was simply starting. We didn’t go out to fight when the Kremlin harmed [opposition pioneer Alexei] Navalny,” she said.

“We are simply quietly watching this enemy of human system. What’s more, presently the entire world has gotten some distance from us and the following 10 ages will not have the option to clean themselves from the disgrace of this fratricidal war.”

Wearing an accessory in the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian banner, Ovsyannikova said in her video articulation that her dad is Ukrainian and her mom is Russian.

“What’s going on in Ukraine is a wrongdoing and Russia is the attacker,” she said. “The obligation of this animosity lies on the shoulders of just a single individual: Vladimir Putin.”

She encouraged individual Russians to join against war fights to stop the contention. “Just we have the ability to shut down this frenzy. Go to the fights. Try not to fear anything. They can’t detain every one of us.”

The dissent was invited by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy. In a video address on Monday night he said: “I’m grateful to those Russians who don’t quit attempting to convey reality, who are battling against disinformation and tell genuine realities to their loved ones, and actually to that lady who went in the studio of Channel One with an enemy of war banner.”


OVD-Info said that Ovsyannikova was captured soon after her dissent and was being held at the Ostankino TV focus. Pavel Chikov, head of the Agora common liberties bunch, later said Ovsyannikova had been captured and taken to a Moscow police headquarters.

She could confront jail time under a recently presented Russian regulation that condemned spreading purported “counterfeit news” about the Russian military. Those observed blameworthy under the law could look as long as 15 years in prison.

Ovsyannikova could likewise confront legitimate ramifications for empowering “common agitation” by advising Russians to dissent.

In an explanation distributed by the state news office TASS, Channel One said that “an episode occurred with an incidental lady in shot. An inward look at is being conveyed.”

A regulation authorization source told TASS that Ovsyannikova could be charged under regulation restricting public demonstrations that expect to “dishonor the utilization of Russia’s military.”

Her assertion denotes the initial occasion when a representative from Russian state media has openly impugned the conflict as the nation proceeds with its crackdown on enemy of war contradict. So severe is the current wave 0f restriction that other news programs obscured out the message on Ovsyannikova’s sign in their own reports on the episode.

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